A Better Image Search for Google

Yesterday Google made an improvement to their image search. I checked it out and it’s much better than the old one. I have some suggestions to make it even better.

So here is what they did. In the old image search when you clicked on an image it opened a large version of the image in a new page.

Google's Images old Search

[ Weird Santa = old version]

Now when you click on an image a rectangle like thing appears (which has nothing to do with itunes) and it has some info about the picture accompanied by some actions like “view site” and “view original image”

Here we go.

Let’s search for Dogs

Google Image search 2013

Let’s click on the dog that is looking at me.

Google Image Dog

A larger version of dog appears. It seems that it’s not looking at me, actually it’s sad..thanks Google.

You can now also browse to see more dogs (some happy, some sad) by clicking on the right and left arrows on your keyboard which is really great.

Better Actions

Currently there are 2 actions:

  1. View page
  2. View original image

Let’s get back to basics; (valid semicolumn) why am I searching for an image..well, I want a dog image to put it on in my Powerpoint slide.

I suggest we add 2 actions to make easier for me to grab the image and put in my slides.

Google Images 2013 new features

They are the Download and Copy actions which are usually the actions users do after viewing and liking an image.

Better Findability

On my laptop screen I can see like 18 to 20 dogs without scrolling. On average O have to scroll down 10 pages at-least to find what I’m looking for, which means I have to view like 200 images before deciding. If I can view more images in the same row it would be great. So I thought of adding a Slider.

Google Images slider

The slider will allow me to view more images in the same row. This is how it will look like when the slider is at maximum..Check it out!

Lots of images google images search

Here are the 200 images all which are above the fold (what you see without scrolling), to me this would be just perfect.

Well, you may say it looks bad and I agree. it does! But believe me people don’t care much about how things looks, they just care about finding what they are looking for fast. Just ask craigslist and yahoo.

Other people may actually want to view less images per row, they can just bring the slider to the minimum.

Google Image Search large

This is it.

Author: Mahmoud El-Magdoub | Twitter: @Magdoub | WebSite: Magdoub.com


12 responses to “A Better Image Search for Google

  1. The direct download link is just silly, they are not going to use it. Of course it will be nice for the end user, but that would mean you don’t have to go to the original website to get it. So websites will get the traffic, but no visitors. Webmaster will not allow this: you’re images are index-able to get people to your website, not to just give them away.

    You could always just make a browser plugin that adds one of these buttons to the screen though.

    • Thanks Jasper for your comment, you made a good point. but I disagree with for some reasons.

      First, I think images where index-able and had alt tags even before Google images was available.

      Second, the visit site button is still available, what’s the difference between the “download button” and the “view original image button” both of them will make the user skip the site and won’t add up to valuable site traffic.

      Third webmasters’ won’t care, as the option of visiting their site is still available.

      -Your idea of the browser plugin is nice, I actually have one installed that shows the original image on hover.

      • As the developer and founder of Pixabay.com (a large website for public domain images), I have to fully agree with Jasper. In such a scenario, we would simply add a **nasty/ugly** watermark into all of our images which would be presented on Google. The watermark would clearly state that the image is available as public domain in full resolution *only* on Pixabay. Technically that’s not that much of a problem for us and we even thought about doing so with the just established update.


    • @Simon it seems that you and Jason are both right and I’m wrong.
      I think I made the mistake of only satisfying the end user and not thinking of also satisfying the business needs.

  2. Are you work for google? You are not webmaster or you not live from webmaster jobs! You are FAKE. With this move google KILL webmasters! Coz he cut 90% traffic to original image sites

    • Hello Nelly, thank you for your comment. No, I don’t work for google and I’m not fake. After reading your comment and the other comments it really seems that this redesign is really bad for webmasters.

      • Tnx m8 for approving our comments…you are just need to see other side..coz with this they nor respect our work and they not send traffic to our sites and we can’t earn from ads on our sites..coz visitor not need to leave google and see original site..they cut traffic for sites…they cut our earnings and they hotlink images and spend our bandwidth..end they dont need to share adsense profit coz they keep user on google…they not respect webmasters ppl which content build google

  3. Google has made its biggest blunder with this new image search. Do any of you know who’s images they are in Google Images? Not Googles! They are stealing websites content. Soon there will be no image websites left because of this. Anyone who thinks this new image search is good is obviously a thief.

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