246 responses to “10 Reasons why the new Outlook design SUCKS!

  1. I am not going to attempt to make a 5HITTY html platform look better because the look is not my concern. I want the functionality of the Mobile platform, but when I select basic I’m reverted back to html5HIT

  2. Very well put. Several more you could add like: They hid the print and mark as unread. (buttons we use) and replaced them with their cute new buttons. …The mobile link to email used to go directly to a Big Sign in and password line. Now it has the guy on his laptop on the left and sign in on the right. just like the photo above. Imagine that picture on a 3″ x5″ screen…. Hitting the back button after reading an email highlights the message and you cant tell if it was read because of the bright highlight. ( I know, all you have to do is click inbox again, but thats an extra step, Outlook is faster and has no extra steps)… The “forward button isntright there anymore. …Finding ‘contacts’ (oh wait) ‘people’ is as easy as going to a forum to find out where it is. .. While we are on that, be careful when typing the name in the “to” box. I accidently elbowed the mouse and clicked a name on the list that is under the “To:” line and sent a message to another email.
    Stevie, yeah we are just whiners. But we were comfortable with the productivity of hotmail. Items 1 & 2, you never used hotmail. (or you work for msn) 3. none are as good as hotmail. 4& 5. I too pay so I dont see them, but since the majority of outlook users are on the free service, I for one sympathise with his issue…. 6. You almost made a good argument. But thats because you didn’t acknowledge the “x”. (and I’m not even going to get into having to use the keyboard) 7. A lot of people did use it. much like most of my issues. But I like your dismissive attitude. (much like msn) 8. You missed the point..9. Most people (99%) dont use the fruit icons. 10. He knows they change it, He has two different pics in his closing. If you read it, the first one was corny to him, but it was a great segway to his closing statement.

      • So disappointing……….always giving me grief…..and to think …..I was never ever informed whether I had a choice to change from hotmail…….they just did it!!! A REAL PAIN…..A REAL MESS!!!!

      • Outlook may be the single stupidest thing ever invented. It’s like they sat around nights and tried to figure out just how to make it as stupid, dysfunctional, and a waste of time to use and keep trying to find stuff on, as was possible. (Which they did a really good job at.)

        But what else is to be expected of what is an essentially monopolistic corporation.

        In a rare move in the judicial world, the lower court judge essentially said that the higher court that largely reversed his anti trust decision against Microsoft,several years back was “too stupid” to understand the case. It was an unusual thing for a judge to say, but he was right.


  3. the 12th reason is the background is sooooooooooooooooooo ugly! u cant even hav a design!!!!!!!! outlook sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is the worst thing ever that Microsoft has inflicted on PC users. My God! OUTLOOK is HORRENDOUS! Sharon

  5. Yeah, innovation (if you call it that) simply for innovation’s sake is a losing proposition. When you have something that has weathered the test of time and you suddenly replace it with something as crappy and childish as outlook.com you are saying to your customers, we don’t care about you any longer. You can’t go back to the old interface (like yahoo offered) and the new interface is slow, hogs my CPU and browser and jumps all over the place making it a confusing mess. Oh ye, that transition effect when you send an email is cool, but I don’t need or want it. Even when they fix the bugs I won’t be staying around long enough to use it, email is email and should be quick, simple and effective – outlook.com is none of those. Microsoft loses the plot yet again, first with developer platforms, Metro, runtime environment, dropping .Net and now with it’s core email users. Dunno what to think, but I’m going to google, after dropping Yahoo recently and now Hotmail. Bye bye microsoft. You are a dinosaur in a modern age and I won’t be inconvenienced by you.

  6. I don’t think anyone should be taking design advice from someone who plastered their explanation with simpsons pictures. What are you, 12?

  7. I couldn’t be less impressed, or more pissed-off with the change to outlook. Ever since, I can’t get the frigging thing to run on IE-10 running on windows 7 professional. In fact, I’m using Opera to post this reply.

  8. usability is non existent. if you click on a message it may or may not load. I use my smartphone. and my browser of my smartphone is great for everything except this piece of junk. if I click on one message another comes up. You’re lucky if you can do anything beyond get your list of emails.

  9. I could not agree more, I’ve been using this garbage at work for 6 months and I’ve just about had it. Its so bloated with nonsense, usability is terrible, really a terrible step back from previous versions of outlook.

    • What a great way to create job security. when I started to change over to gmail it is much harder than i thought it would be. but i will continue to get it done. My question is why. And how did this antiquated program get pass? I really dont understand..

  10. I’ve switched to http://www.mail.com (not gmail) I don’t use the Premium version which you have to pay for. I use the free version and it’s amazing! I have a calendar organizer that opens in a different window from your internet browser, to which you can set task reminders and event reminders. You can also open up multiple tabs to look between emails. In your address book, you can add photos to your contacts and you can get email sent to your mail.com account from your “Hotmail” account till you have weened all your users to your new email. Also each contact has multiple tabs to edit (private, business, other) Also you can add different groups to your address book to place your contacts under. Oh almost forgot they even have a file storage you can save your files into separately. Oh yes, also there are different background images you can use to personalize your mail.com account (not a lot but better than outlook IMHO). And in the end, your email looks more professional. And also you can get iphone and android apps as well for it. User friendly and not bland looking like outlook has turned out to be. Only one downfall, an ad appears to the right of your emails (but still looks way better than outlook)

  11. And those horrible selection checkboxes: miss click one and all you clicked are unselected. Who designed this monstrosity?

  12. Problems loading images… (takes forever when it does finally load), often cannot open emails, can’t send emails, emails send but are not received, takes too long to send… I have lost count of the amount of times i have watched those little dots whirl around and around while the system tries to get it together to… send email… which is it’s primary function but no… it struggles and it’s been like it for far too long. Adios Outlook, i’m done, seems most of my friends are also.

  13. (1) Contacts list does not show email addresses. What? I thought it was an “email” program?
    (2) No way to select multiple contacts and move them to a group. It’s better if you have to type each contact into a box using the name or the email address–wait, you can’t type the email address in because outlook.com doesn’t show you any email addresses, only names.

    If this a joke? Because it’s not funny. I need a business mail program, not some 13 year old funny page like Facebook. Microbrains, you piss me off. Fuck off!

  14. I HATE the text colors–especially for business. The blue is too light to be usable so I am forced to send in –what? Lavender? Purple? Really—THOSE–are my options? sigh

  15. I thought I was the only one that had a problem with outlook. I select a box and it de-selects, I try to scroll down and it opens random mail. The text is so damn small and the contrast and layout is terrible. I keep coming back from time to time in hope that they have thrown the geniuses that came up with this crap out the window but nooooo. Go back to the way it was, it worked.

  16. I do not like the so called “New” Outlook email, it sucks. I am going to refuse to use it. Until you give us back the “Hotmail” I will use Google’s gmail. So put that in your pipe and smoke it Microsoft.

  17. you need my 5 year old to help you design this she a great artist may be put her on your payroll. she could give you a better insight to want the f*@! you were thinking with this gay down graded far from intellagent. outlook you should fire the person or persons that thought this up as an update this may have been awesome in another century . like the 1800 when the had nothing else to turn to . you have all this cash and this is your new brain child (its retarded )thinking on your part dumb sh!t move

  18. Outlook has always sucked that’s why I never used now I have the worst email around and am using yahoo without any problems and its super fast compared to outlook..

  19. Between Outlook and Internet browser 10 I don’t know which one is worse browser 10 wins it sucks both of them do but I don’t understand what Microsoft doing are they drunk or hiring 2 year old’s

  20. I wrote on this before that I hate OUTLOOK AND MICROFUCK who do they think they are I’m almost ready to go to mac and I think they should really read these reply’s cause there fucked they don’t know what there doing they have no business changing people email around and make it so we can’t find a fuckin thing GET REAL MICROFUCK

  21. after some consideration i’ve finally figured out what the worst Micro$oft product ever is: the next one.

  22. HATE HATE HATE OUTLOOK 2013. At least create an option for the “classic” outlook layout with the old color options. Using this is like being force-fed unflavored stale kindergarten paste. My eyes are bleeding!!! gray, gray, gray P$(*&#$*(#&$*(

  23. The Emoticons are the Worst ever… I mean in the history of the internet these are the worst looking ones EVER!

  24. Well just feel privileged you don’t have to use Micro$hits Outlook 2013 which is just a hunk of faeces. They’ve gone all out to slightly tweak a UI to make it worse, reduce contrast, reduce options, reduce usability, while still maintaining the historical faults of Outlook.

    My pet hate.

    Every other provider’s chain (e.g. Gmail) = series of emails indexed as being part of a chain, i.e. they are related by a reply or forwarding.
    Outlook chain = group of emails collected together by some monkey logic using the text of the subject line. WTF!!! idiots. Just because I emailed someone a year ago about how Microsoft sucks doesn’t mean my current Microsoft venting to someone else is part of the same fn chain.

    I have to use this software for work and you irritate me every day. Grrrrrrrr.

    MS just ignores us. I’m sure their own execs use Outlook. Don’t they encounter these problems? Or perhaps we get served the ‘peasant’ version of Outlook, designed to hamper us so we can’t possibly compete with MS.

    I am begging you MS. Please work on improving your software by listening to your customers who tell you what they want. Let your legion of smart engineers loose to improve your products instead of whipping them into submission to toe the line.

  25. If you dont like it dont use it, i’ve moved from gmail to outlook because its integrated with word and excel. i haven’t had any problems so far. As for No 7. “Silverlight Magic – Lots of user like to open a folder in a new tab..but guess what you’re not allowed to.” Hold ctrl and click, like on any web page.

  26. Yeah, here is a couple of new crappy things to add to the list that started happening a few weeks ago. When you try to read an email it reloads and takes you back into the inbox. And the message is magically unread again. Doesn’t happen the 2nd time you go in.

    Now if you make a mistake on your password you have to go through a dozen steps to get access to your account again. Including have them email or call you with a code to verify you and then you get to change your password each time to something unique so you can then forget the new pass and go through the process over and over again.

    • we should tell the new Jobberian CEO from India we can come up there and show him what we want.
      I am so tired of companies telling me what I need and what I should want!

    • I had to actually open up a new account with Yahoo so I could get into my Hotmail account. I am grabbing what addresses I need and I won’t be back.

  27. god forbid you make a mistake on your password or try to change a password to another account that is linked to another…the process to regain access is ridiculous; codes codes codes, I had to go to 3 different accounts to get a code that never showed up because I wasn’t permitted access to any of the accounts…now I can’t get on to any of my accounts including my main account at all…Totally Messed!

  28. outlook.com for me is only a security service locked out of

  29. Really hate what they did to Hotmail. They just kept making it worse. You can’t even sign out without clicking a button to get to the sign out button!
    Lately, you can’t open you emails. Says Outlook is not available now. I wonder what country they shipped this all to, because it’s so bad.

  30. Oh, and if you don’t log in for a few days, it asks for a phone number to get into your account. No way. They aren’t getting my number. Once they get that, you’ll be spammed in your cell. Plus, you can’t write an email without them knowing it’s you. No privacy.

  31. Outlook, Hotmail…whatever you call yourself. Please don’t change the layout of email….it was great the way it was. Now it looks like every other email provider….cluttered, confusing…I hate it. If this preview is what you will be using, I will be looking elsewhere. Whoever made this decision in your office…give them another job…..like one with a broom!!!

    • Hi , I m 61 years old and remember Hotmail only Hotmail coming off your website and it was a lot friendly then than it is now.
      Now its part of Microsoft and things are a lot more complicated.
      THAT SUCKS \\


  32. I had a lot of problems just making a CONTACT LIST that’s all I want I don t need groups or anything else . just one on one thank you .
    Not everyone is in a corporate situation.
    I m just copying emails address,s to a folder copy/ paste to the
    TO: in e-mail

    to deliver my e-mail pretty Mickey Mouse but it works
    I can do the rest myself

  33. It’s horrible. Some basic utility that used is also gone or damaged. Total crap. They should fire the devs and hire some new blood. Someone really messed up.

  34. WHY did you have to CHANGE the design AGAIN???? I don’t like seeing the first sentence next to the name of the email, but I HATE seeing the how you have devided the inbox into days. Why not just have the DATE ONLY so that a peson can see more emails on the screen when the inbox is open? And why not just leave old emails devided into separate pages? It also takes forever for the email website to come up. If something works, why change it? How I wish to god you would just go back to how microsoft had set it up initaly. This is such grabage, and that’s an understatement. You can hardly read the email titles. What idiot designed this???

  35. WTF Microsoft? I used to be able to see 20 emails in my inbox *AND* a reading pane for the current message. Now I can see 3-1/2 messages in my inbox. 3-1/2 messages? Seriously?

  36. im sure some asshole just did this on purpose to piss people off. i cant even find the send button on my mobile devise. im looking at dumping this email service and finding something better. I refuse to waste any time on trying to figure it out.

  37. Screw the ads …I have not been able to send an email since they did what ever they did !!! I write it and hit send ..a box shows up asking ” the website want to close this page “”” if I click yes it closes out and does not send if I say no it try’s to send it forever !!!! Is Microsoft this brain dead ??

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