269 responses to “10 Reasons why the new Outlook design SUCKS!

  1. I HATE HATE HATE this… I liked my flagged messages at the top where I could find them quickly. I also have been through 4 surface pro 3’s and waiting for my 5th one due to malfunctions in the surface pro 3 hardware and software. Microsoft is garbage.

  2. The new set-up is so awful I am composing emails etc on my Hotmail.com site and cutting and pasting them over to the outlook site – it’s quicker.

    • Ain’t that the truth. Also try and move the e-mails to a another folder.
      They have well and truly dropped the ball now. BUGGAR

  3. I HATE, HATE, HATE it. Going to close this account that I have had for years and move on. Microsoft just thinks they know what people want and they don’t have a clue.

  4. So true, Kathy. I have used hotmail since its inception. Stopped the day these clowns made it an actual pain. I realize that this is to accommodate hand-helds. So be it. I will not use this McDonalds/Fisher Price display of mentality anymore.
    And just to make my point, no more will I use their site – will stick with Google news and Huff – as they haven’t screwed-up – yet.

  5. WTF? Since this upgrade, each email I click on takes 4-5 seconds to download when I click on it to open. Makes me not even want to read my email it’s so painstakingly slow. Plus, the search function no longer has an advanced search function??!! Least, none that I can find. And to top it off, there seems to be no tech support or clear cut place to go to post questions and get answers. Microsoft is so freakin’ convoluted. It’s a complete mind f.

  6. As a senior person I find your new format very hard to read,letters are to light and small, My people are now not in order I have to go through the whole list to send an e mail- please leave it the way it was. This takes me twice as long to use !

  7. its useless. i still have a couple of old hotmail accounts but the new one is so hard to use and so simple to make mistakes. latly ive just lost messages never to be found and search old emails is useless. i cant get back to old version so im gouing to have to try gmail os something else. pity because i had so much old email info saved

  8. On mobile my main account ended up changing to this and i couldn’t open emails sometimes without refreshing, well now today i can signin and out but i can,t check my emails, i don’t have a checkbox to delete all of my junk with a click and does hotmail sell my email to junkies ? (I just made the word up, people who seem to think they can get my money by selling junk or scam me all together.)

  9. how the fuck do you delete multiple messages on this stupid new thing can’t find anywhere on IPad to do it
    Fucking as bad as CRapple when those pricks decide to change the IOS layout and not bother to give instructions or advise of imminent changes.
    Go back to snail mail use pen and paper!

  10. I hve no clue why Microsoft is in this fail mode lately, but this is epic. Its hard to see hard to read and hard to use so.. its ADVANCED and USER FRIENDLY. Microsoft knows they have a almost total monopoly on OS/emails so they dont care. Love their responces yep we are upgrading all of it you’ll learn to like it…

  11. I complained about all the above, especially the slow response time, which appears to be somewhat related to the ads. MS Support said that I could get rid of the ads by subscribing to a PAID version of Outlook.com for “just” $19.95 a year. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/ad-free-outlook SO, I guess the new marketing strategy is to break a decent, free product and then charge for the fixed version?

  12. The new format is terrible!!! I am replying to a message in the new popup window and I have been sitting and searching for 15 minutes trying to find a “Send” button. Can you imagine, after all these years, I do not know how to send my reply.

  13. Another step backwards. The design really sucks, and the calendar is terrible. Flagged messages can only be seen as a group by themselves, not all together at the top of the message list. — It took a lot of work to make it this bad. Livemail was / is way better than this!

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