Linkedin’s New Design, The Facelift of Death!

So I was checking my LinkedIn profile this morning when TADAA I saw this..

Linked in, linkedin New Design 2012

What’s this ?? From White to Black, talk about CONSISTENCY !

It can’t even be compared to the old design, which was simply great.

Linked Old Layout Design

The 7 Deadly Sins

First: You ruined your logo which was black and cool to a white stupid one (who uses a white logo anyway!) with a gray background..

Second: What is this choke of death? no padding no spacing no nothing..I can’t breath ughh

linkedin new design padding

Third: The post has so much inner Shadow, that’s so 2002 !

linked in new design

Forth: A 10px Border for the dropdown menu..

linkedin layout

Fifth: The search drop-down is floating in the air, I will assume that’s not a new way of aligning menus..

and it doesn’t even close when you hover away..yeah I can hear the testers now.

Sixth: What’s with all this crap which is above the fold ?

Seventh: See 2 new updates ?? oh really, looks like tongue to me more than an update..

Please bring back the old design it was great :)

Author: Mahmoud El-Magdoub
Twitter: @Magdoub

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