Twitter got it right .. No more Helvetica in Text

On the 15th of June I wrote this Tweet

Twitter Helvetica

After it with one week, Twitter really changed Helvetica to Arial!

Twitter Arial

I’m not saying they read my tweet _Proud cough_ :D

I’m just proving my point more and that is  Helvetica looks bad in text, sepcially on Windows as Helvetica’s rendering looks horrible and is jagged around the edges.

This is the comparison before the face-lift:

After inspecting the font, it turned out that they only removed Helvetica from Windows as it renders bad.

Twitter Helvetica Arial

But I disagree with twitter! from my humble point of view I think that thin fonts are better at reading lots of text. I hate the emerging twitter boot strap Helvetica EVERYWHERE Trend!

Moral of the Story Son: Use it in Titles and Don’t abuse it in Text

*The whole irony of this story is that font family of this article includes 2 font types of the Helvetica family :)

Author: Mahmoud El-Magdoub
Twitter: @Magdoub

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