How Tweets Affect Your PageRank on Google

Since 2009 Google has been using social media to improve it’s pageranking.

Re-tweeting a link affects its rank, but by how much.

Experiment 1

Let’s Assume that we have two pages, both have nearly the same title and content.

Page A: has more links directing to it and very low retweets.

Page B: Has a high number of retweets and very low number of links directing to it.

How Twitter Affects SEO

Which do you think is ranked better ?

How Twitter Affects SEO

Yes, retweets in this experiment are better than or equal to links.

This is just one experiment it’s hard to generalize, but atleast we understand the tweets really do affect Google’s pageRank.

Experiment 2

SEOMoz published a group of articles called “Begginers Guide to SEO” , on the same day the world famous Smashing Magazine retweeted their link.

How Twitter Affects SEO, Smashing magazine

How do you think the ranking of these articles increased ?

How Tweets Affect's your Ranking

They are ranked #4 on the same day when just searching for “Beginner’s Guide” !!

How twitter affect's google page rank

Don’t Abuse Twitter for SEO

I know what you are thinking ;) you’ll pay some money to a guy who has 100 twitter accounts so you can be #1.

Well, it’s not that easy cuz Google is intelligent and it looks to see if the tweet history of these users to understand if it’s spamming or not.

How Twitter Affects Search Results

Author: Mahmoud El-Magdoub
Twitter: @Magdoub


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